SEO Brochure

Our brochure details our approach for the automotive industry. Inside, you’ll find case studies, testimonials and real world accounts of our search marketing improving business for people just like you.

automotive search engine optimization literature

automotive search engine optimization

SEO Testimonials

"Auto Repair SEO had my site analyzed, re-structured, and optimized for my industry within days. If you are in the automotive industry you need a website optimized by Auto Repair SEO."

- Tavis Highlander, Highlander Concept Rendering

"It’s been a few years that Auto Repair SEO has been servicing my web site and all the magic work they do that has made my business so visible to the public’s eye. I would like to start by saying thanks for all the great work and enthusiasm they have put into helping my business. The traffic they have created is fantastic and it’s been my main source of income. I do great with word of mouth, but the work Auto Repair SEO has done for me to put me out there is absolutely priceless. I wish there where more of them in this world. My most thanks to Auto Repair SEO."

- Kushan Peykarian, Excelsior Motorsports

Why Continual SEO?

"Do you think that Bing, Google or Yahoo’s search algorithms have remained the same since their genesis?"

While some firms may treat optimization as a one time process, we understand that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to provide more and more accurate results.

Get Out In Front & Stay There

One time SEO looks great if you think of your web site as a static object that never changes. However, the internet is a constantly evolving place. Web sites gain prominence and fade out over night. Everyone remembers when Myspace was a popular web site, but Newscorp recently sold Myspace for less than 10% of what it was worth a few years ago.

Built For Page One

Optimized Automotive Website Re-Creation

Our re-creation of your site is purpose built to rank highly in search engines.

Customized Automotive Web Site Templates

No web site? No problem.
Our team will work with you to create a style that fits your company.

Mobile Device Ready Automotive Web Sites

iPhone and Android ready web sites prepare your business for the mobile search market.

One-Time SEO Problems

Your web site will prosper in the short term with one time SEO, but what about your competitors?

As soon as your competitors see your site’s SEO, they will follow suit, pushing your site back down the page. As time progresses, your website’s content will become stale - pushing your site further and further down the search results. The only way to combat this problem is to have your site optimized again. Of course in the meantime, your company has slowly and steadily continued to lose business.

Get out in front and stay there with our SEO packages. Our combination of social media integration, link building, clean code technology, rank relevant content and local maps optimization provide a complete online marketing package which ensures search marketing success by continually building equity in your website. Our methods have been tested and proven time and again. We are confident that we can provide the same rankings for your business.

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